स्वागतम् ||

Welcome to the Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj.

In order to promote Traditional Ayurveda, we have started our online Society, the "Vishwa Ayurveda Samaj", which aims at bringing together like minds of the greater Yoga and Ayurveda community in the world, aimed at a more traditional and Hindu approach which has often been lost due to the modern commercialisation of Ayurveda and Yoga in the West, as also reduced and westernised through the New Age approaches in the West as also through the popular "American Ayurveda" and the misunderstood BAMS system of India.

Our aim is to restore the Traditional Integral Ayurveda and the associated Vedic Sciences in their entirety as per the Hindu Traditions, free from modern-day misconceptions and distortions which have greatly reduced and ruined these ancient sciences. It brings in the Integral approach of Ayurvedic Healing as in Tantric-Ayurveda or Yogic systems.